SPREADABLE SPICY SALAMI 'Nduja di Spilinga Characteristic product prepared using minced cheek, bacon and fat meat. DISCOVER MORE PRODUCTED EXCLUSIVELY BY SAP 'Ndujotto Fine grinding, bowler shape, explosive spiciness. DISCOVER MORE ORIGINAL CALABRIAN SALAMI Soppressata Salami with a unique shape, with DOP mark and an inimitable taste. DISCOVER MORE ORIGINAL CALABRIAN SALAMI Pancetta tesa The alternation of lean and fat with an intense flavor, delicate and spicy at the right point. DISCOVER MORE



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‘Nduja mulette

Consistenza cremosa, spalmabile e  gusto gradevolmente piccante.

Nduja dal sapore poco piccante, esclusiva SAP

Exclusive salami created by SAP. Result of a careful selection.

Salami with granular structure, flattened shape and intense taste.
Hand-tied as traditional use. Intense red and streaks of pinkish white.
Produced according to ancient techniques of local sausage.
Cheek of the best pigs and a high quality fat component.
Pink with natural streaks of fat. Fragrant and delicate.